Friday, November 23, 2012

HighNotes October 2012


October 2012                             

“If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a metaphor is worth 1,000 pictures.”
Steve Staruch, MPR Classical Radio

Over the last years we have reviewed and digested fresh creative strategy choices going into our life stew.  It’s time for change…we have all grown.  Now, in High Notes we will start with our stock and develop higher-level symbolic cuisine.  I will write and capture creative strategy…you will choose when to stop for “take out.”  The new system will go live on 12-12-12.  Then it’s your choice…. follow the link when you want a fresh taste or reminder of High Notes creative thinking!!   I will send a reminder when it is “hot" and where to go.   
Bon Appetite.  :)L
Poetry is creative strategy and one of my gifts, which I will use to regularly share life work.  Poetry takes apart life and re-assembles it in symbolic pieces with creative rules. 
Create thought can be applied in many ways and in many places.
            Take apart word structure.
            Build pictures with words.
            Play with words, pictures, ideas.
            Add something unique..
            Capture thought and emotion.
            Give flair to the functional
 The day is gray,
But the leaves are gold.
A storm is coming
I’ve been told.
 The Maple red colors
Capture our wondering eyes.
Will this fall be like others
Or will it simply surprise?
 Somewhat alike
But mostly unique
Each day is ours
To capture and tweak.
 Enjoy what is dear.
Celebrate what is near.
Enjoy what is near.
Celebrate what is dear. 

“Today is the most precious asset you own….and is the one thing you should truly fear wasting.”   Jeff Haden, Linked In