Monday, June 10, 2013

High Notes

Thought for the day:  Be blessed to love and serve others.  Linda


I am not a landscape gardener but do compartmentalize my garden appreciation in pots on my decks and by my doors.   I care that we keep that which affects us in positive ways in front of our eyes and in our ears.   You regularly hear me talk about books I read or color or the woods.   Or you hear me talk about music, that which I make or that which I hear on my favorite classical music station.  You won’t hear me talk about the news.  So, putting flowers in the pots to greet my arrival home served several purposes.   Purple is a color I usually associate with the church and tradition.   In this case it is actually the red geraniums that trigger my sense of history.   My dear departed mother always planted geraniums by her front door so it is a very small way of honoring as well as enjoying.  My grandmother always had moss roses on her front steps at the farm so generally there will be a pot of those on the deck somewhere, too.

I share so you will also enjoy and think about what you intentionally keep in front of your eyes!


Spring is a time for new beginnings.  It may be reflected in leaves on the trees or flowers in bloom.   It may be reflected in the traditions of June weddings.   I think creative new beginnings are much like watching the birds build their spring nests…one twig at a time.   That’s how new creative products are developed…one idea at a time.   Just like the birds gather from a variety of places, so do creative strategists.   Ideas come from conversations, from books, from observing any aspect of life and making notes.   Since I love writing, intriguing words are often saved in my iPhone notes for later use.   Just remember that “spring” can be a year-round attitude summarized with this saying: Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


It is so important to be proactive to keep what we believe in front of us, eyes and ears.   My gardening pots are an example of this principle as it applies to me and the color which uplifts me.   But this week I have also added to the affirmations that I post around the house in places that I see regularly.   Advertisement works.   This principle has been proven by marketing gurus and is witnessed regularly in all of business.   Actually, some people like to watch the very expensive commercials that are aired at half time of major sports events.   It affects our behavior.

Since advertising works, it occurred to me long ago that I should apply it on a personal venue and advertise to my family those things that had strongest value to us.   I have always appreciated and posted personal characteristics as well as loving, giving qualities that lead to life success.   It has been said that five years from now our lives will reflect the accumulation of things we read and people with whom we associate.

What are you reading?  Who do you hang out with?  Next time I will tell you about the book Give and Take by Adam Grant that I am reading now.