Sunday, September 7, 2014



By a child we can be led.    Linda


Ever watch a young child tipped over and looking at the world upside down through his legs?  Adults generally don't do that, but it certainly provides a new perspective on the same world.  My friend, James, suggests snapping the photo you have just framed and then turning around 180 degrees to catch the view with your camera that is directly behind you.  It is another lesson in perspective.  Increase or change your view and you will have a larger scope of life.


I have carried a birthday card propped on a holder in my car for a very long time because the giver was so right about my enjoyment of the colors.  I recently was temped to take it out but instead just tipped it over, which meant the words were now hidden but not the colors or images.  Tipping things upside down is standard operating procedure for kids.   Try it!


I have forever been inspired by the wisdom found in the Basic Human Need Hierarchy developed by Abraham Maslow.  I have always drawn this paradigm as stairs, highlighting that the step up is accomplished with greater ease when the lower steps are completed.  For example, it always made sense that basic physical safety and emotional security must be satisfactorily met before anyone can successfully benefit from a circle of belonging.  And completing all of these steps shapes our ability to master life's learning needs and feel totally assured about individual uniqueness.  This matrix has always caused me to focus on the concrete issues first.
But recently I looked at it all upside down!  It occurred to me that the concept of LOVE is the most abstract and draws our thinking and decision making to the highest level.  If we engage at the top and most abstract FIRST, it will totally increase the effectiveness we have in tending all of the other need levels.  Loving myself or loving someone else heightens my awareness and my fulfillment capacity, exponentially.  The tasks become important in new ways.
Why you do something powerfully impacts the what!
"Why was the burning desire to not quit because they were on a mission that was far bigger than themselves.  If you have a big enough reason to do something the "how" will simply show itself." Three Feet from Gold, Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid