Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Am Loved

I am loved
My heart is filled;
Brightens my world.

Each step I take
Each choice I make,
Starts with
Being loved.

Friday, April 11, 2014

High Notes

Reading ideas of inspiration is always uplifting. But, being human means that it is easier to read than to do what we read…which often doesn't happen unless we are intentional.  Linda


We are all different, but in whatever style, we do need to allow time every day to read or meditate on some value or belief that helps us to grow in positive ways. It doesn't matter if we are in the car or in the kitchen, or maybe just falling asleep. Everyone has a favorite uplifting phrase. It might be: All is well. It will work out. It will be OK. I am loved. Be at peace. Fear not. A very small shift, or recalibration as I am prone to say, makes a huge difference. A small amount of time daily in meditation and focus makes a difference in our lives…for the better.


A trip to the library with children often means bringing home a stack of books. This grown up kid reads in stacks, too. A snowed-in winter has surely contributed to this process.

I promised more. Perhaps the part I liked best about Stephen Covey's book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, is reflected in the testimony given by Ken Blanchard. He recognized that in this book, Covey integrated what he knew and believed about living a successful life. Stephen Covey believes in integrity and in using communication tools for healthy positive relationships with others, at home and at work. So, this is my take away for anyone: learn, be inspired and motivated to live the high road, and then pass it on.


The calendar and spring list both say it is time to get outside and move. Maybe the weather will be enough to stir up the "gung ho" in you. One of my reading adventures was a book by Tom Rath called Eat, Move, Sleep.

Research shows that many people are sitting too much because of watching TV, using computers at work or at home, or movie watching on any variety of tech tools. Maybe we have been unsuccessful with organized exercise programs, but setting our iPhone or mental timer to move every 20 minutes can be a manageable recalibration. Starting is the hardest part of implementing any new plan, but maybe awareness can get us off square one. In spite of ourselves, we may just continue our commitment to MOVE.