Thursday, October 8, 2015

Autumn is here...

Seeing is Believing


October 2015

Nothing will happen in your life that you do not inspire by your own initiative.   Creative vision is the power that inspires that personal initiative.     Napoleon Hill
When you see this phrase, some of you may think immediately of the colored leaves peeking through the green trees and the amazing recognition that it is fall!! 

True, but not totally what I think.   It does emphasize to me how so many of us rely on vision for our source of data or reality.  I would guess that the greatest marketing also uses this fact as a technique.   See the amazing new product then buy it!!

I think we can also use this principle to "buy in" to beliefs and attitudes that help us live the life of our dreams, creative and wholesome.  I have belief signs posted in strategic places all over my house and studio.  Seeing in print daily what I believe helps me buy in through action and actively live what I believe.

Some signs reflect Biblical beliefs and are favorite scriptures.
Some signs are originally sourced by literature or musical scholars…Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson.
Some signs are attitude encouragements from current thinkers, speakers, and writers.

You choose what fits best as favorite encouragements to you.   Print the phrases.   Post them on cupboard doors, bathroom mirrors, exit or entrance doors to your house or office.  Shift your life action choices to your beliefs, visually reminding yourself with posts!! 

Someone in my family has encouraged me to collect my posts.  Here is an important one…the phrase is surrounded by colored circles made in pencil track elaborations, like a kid would do:

Genesis Creative Concepts
Promoting Natural Wonder