Sunday, March 31, 2013


Could it be...?

A coil in a bed
A skip in your step
A kangaroo bounce
A kitten pounce
Baseball in Florida
A calendar date
Trampoline rebounds
Gymnastic vaults
Random thinking

Once again I'm ready for the color of pansies.

Spring is what you make it!!

Time Marches On

I rarely watch television.  During the last two weeks I have watched basketball games.  Lots of them.   It is NCAA tournament time.  Beyond the fact that watching TV can be addicting for me…Gotta Have It….I was absolutely inspired by the focus of the young athletes and their commitment to their goals and their team.

Their drive comes from the inside.  Yes, they have a commitment to their team and love their coach, but they compete because something inside of them calls them to be better, to show up each day with the best of who they are, that day.

I have just read a book called The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, that says we should work like it depends on us and pray like it depends on God.   Well, all of those young people surely do work like the game depends upon them, but today I know one of their colleagues was injured and they all prayed …even on the other team…like his well being depended on a higher power.  God.

So, what have I learned?   All of these games have shown me the efforts of young people who knew how to show up for the game.   Makes me wonder if I show up with the same vigor for the life game every day.   These games show me that these young people understand that outcomes are really dependent upon a higher power.  For college basketball it may be the NCAA and competition.  Makes me wonder why it often seems so logical to  me that I am responsible for outcomes as well as effort.  I probably would save myself headaches and a stubborn stiff neck if I just believed boldly that my job is to show up with energy and God given skills and talents, but my job is not to control the outcomes.  The creative spirit that I value depends on this attitude.

March Madness is really more sane than the name implies.