Monday, June 12, 2017

Welcome to Summer 2017

It matters a lot to be surrounded by success…opportunities, models, and encouragement.   Choose and shape your environment!  Linda


We are approaching June 20, the official date for the beginning of summer.  In most families, this signifies a re-set of schedules, routines, and plans.  It could be the coming of vacation, changed work hours, or summer educational programs for the kids.

I think that creative thinking means that reduce, reuse, recycle applies to ideas as well as things.   EXCEL is an idea that was born for me in a different time and context, but it has had continual meaning in changing ways.  I share it now because I hope it will be a useful acronym for you as well.

To excel is to do very well, to perform in an outstanding way.   To personally accomplish any goal in an excelling way, it is important to choose an environment where the behavior can flourish.   Make sure that the flower can really grow and bloom where it is planted!! 

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Environments for

As you plan your summer family options, think about how important it is to create contexts and environments that invite success.   Open, happy, supportive, inviting people and opportunities provide the greatest potential for learning and growing.

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.   William Arthur Ward

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