Friday, October 4, 2013

High Notes

I recently crossed paths with a friend, Pastor Joel, and we mused how I cannot not create!   It's likely that you have a unique God gift that nudges you like that, too.  :)L


A benefit concert is planned for November 15, 2013, for community support of the CAP Agency Crisis Nursery.   A separate flyer will be sent soon with additional information for you to use and to post. 


Watch for the release and easy free access of the DVD, Learning About Me.  This DVD electronically packages two of the children's books that I have written.


I promised in an earlier newsletter that more information from the book, Give and Take by Adam Grant, would be forthcoming.  Look for the book.  I learned a lot.

Here are the high points for me in this book.  Givers are the winners in the most successful and the least successful categories.  Giving generously—often and to many—is important, however, the giver can never lose sight of his or her own goals and healthy growth.  Takers are concerned first that their own needs are served, even if the words may sound giving to others.  Selfish or self-less are the dangers to avoid in interpersonal motivation.  Givers.   Takers.   Matchers.   Understanding can change self or other perception in the stuff of relationships.   


Sometimes situations come up that we have never faced before, and we honestly feel clueless about our response.   But most often, something kicks in from our values or experience that gives us the guidance for making good choices.  
Lifelong learning continually updates the knowledge base that serves us when making decisions.  Learning new information is step one, but applying that information is step two and equally or even more important in the process.    For example, many people attend conferences but immediately file the information and forget it when they get home.  Intentional application of strategy makes a huge difference in outcomes.  This might involve new information or tried and tested wisdom. Continue to learn and be intentional about the use of your entire foundation of good knowledge.

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