Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reflections

I love the string of colored lights I turned on by the window and the tree filled with snow, standing outside the front window, visible to me next to the red stockings hung on the mantle.

What a holiday season. We started with thanks back in November. Then we moved to the natural response of giving. It is wonderful to hear stories of people's lives being touched by love because of hearts reaching out.

This Christmas was filled with music and children. What better reflection of the Christ Child could there be!! The pinnacle of love.

It's strange but maybe the hardest part of the season is the tenderness it creates, that opens to all reality, even that of harshness and loss. I know we will all "toughen up" as 2014 moves us along. We will become highly intellectual again about good and bad. We will become task focused and check off the list. We will heal from winter bugs that slipped in or pulled us down.

But I hope we won't forget completely...that we were touched by the love of this Christmas season. And we are different because of it. We are richer and fuller because we paused a moment, maybe not much longer, to be grateful and to be love and to give.

What a year! Thank you, 2013.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Ocean Reflections...

Where does it start?
Where does it end?
The ocean waters wonder
As they wave their white flags
In defiance or surrender.

Gravity is serious stuff!
What's it like to be a cloud,
Floating serenely with fluff?

A school of many
Cuts the water below.
Black and white behemoth
Leap as they blow.

Where there's a will
There's a way...
That's what the
Hearty ones say.

I think it's a mystery--
We may never know why
The ocean is water
And there's air in the sky.

The way ahead means don't quit;
Even if you blunder, the path is lit..

It always turns out
One way or the other.
The journey is what matters
Surprises to discover.

Thanksgiving in Seattle 2013
Puget Sound Photos

Ocean views...