Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Soon...SPRING...New Life

Under the cold, hard earth, tulip bulbs are sleeping.
The sun will warm them, and suddenly they will stretch.
They will stretch from their winter's slumber.
Silently they will reach until daylight.
For them, the sun will show through the ground.
For me, the green suddenly appears.

Under the harsh ice,   
Under the white snowdrifts,
Under the frozen dark earth,
Suddenly green will break through.
Then red or yellow buds will show up.

The color warms my psyche.
The spring sun has warmed my soul
Winter dark days are forgotten.
New life is here.
Spring.   Again.
Eternal hope.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



February 2015

INVITATION:  Come.  Be Inspired.  Grow your story.
If you live in my area, check with me or the Chaska Library for information on the Inspiration Gathering that will be held monthly at my home/studio starting in March.

As the New Year moves forward, some people I have talked with find themselves wondering just where they are headed with their lives.   Some like the forward visions they see and some still feel unfulfilled with their possibilities.   It has reminded me of a poem I wrote many years ago that seems like a perfect Valentine gift for people in both certain and uncertain circumstances.  


Stories are pocketsize.
They appear magically before your eyes.
They can be short of long,
Develop in riddle, poetry, or song.
Stories share joy or sadness,
Frolic, folly, maybe even madness.
Reach in your pocket,
Let your hand slip deep
And you’ll be surprised
At the stories asleep,
Waiting to be roused,
Waiting to be told
As possibilities unlimited
Before you unfold.

Just remember that your stories are your lives, not just your memoirs or written tales.   What do people read when they see you?  This is a poem about empowerment, my wish for all of you.   Within you lies the mystery of your life purpose fulfilled in delightful ways.  Check your pocket!

Fortunately we are all different.   It seems like an obvious and innocent truth, yet recently it dawned on me that we are often touched through a unique gift that someone else possesses and shares.   Sometimes our own qualities seem so common, yet we are a part of a great mystery, often providing for someone else the uniqueness they need or value.  Sometimes we'll never know when it happens, but believing that this does occur will give us a new perspective on our own gifts and qualities.  

Proceed boldly in the direction of your dreams and destiny.  Linda

Anything Is Possible