Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.   Without them, humanity cannot survive.   Dalai Lama

Recently a High Notes reader I haven't seen for a long time said in a note that she was sure that I was "connecting to others and making this world a better place."  Thank you, Jodi.  All readers' notes help me spring up to new ways to give and earn such an awesome comment.  Together, we make it happen.    Linda

We have just come through March Madness.  Our culture is mad about winning.  Many of us have a competitive spirit.  Sports play a big role in entertainment and education.  Beyond the joy of the game is perspective…people are even more important than the game or winning.   Are you spending time, are you playing sports or games of any kind with people you love?   Be a good sport!   Find an activity everyone can enjoy and do it!!  It matters.

Many of us think about spring as a great metaphor for new life.  It is.  But, as I watch the new leaves bud on my trees, I'm aware that in the darkest of snowy winter, I KNEW this was coming!  Maybe some part of me could hardly remember or just hated to be patient.  Or maybe it is easy for us to ignore this cycle of life.   Some parts we might like better than others but surprise is probably not one of our reactions to spring.  I do love the familiar French expression, Carpe Diem, that tells us to focus on today.  I mused about Seattle weather recently and decided that the phrase I used fits spring everywhere and life in general.   Keep watching…something lovely is coming!

Books can inform us and inspire us.  People can inform us and inspire us.  The two words that describe for me an important part of our process for either are "open" and "seeking." It was great to meet with fellow artists to discuss a book that brought inspiration to us about differences and the power of seed planting.   Kids are usually curious about differences, not afraid and judgmental.   Maybe young children need to be our model in this regard. In this story we read how through a neighborhood experience with gardening, many leaps over harsh global perspectives were made.  It says to me that we can plant seeds, take on big issues in small ways, and make a difference.  If we are to BE the change we want to see in the world, it means being open and seeking the new and different not just same and familiar.

A Cadillac ad says:  It is not the critic who counts.  Credit belongs to the person actually in the arena!   At the best, know the triumph of big achievement.  At the worst, fail while daring greatly!