Thursday, July 17, 2014

Any day is a good day...


July 2014

Do you know that declaring it will seed it?   Linda

Your body might be more sluggish with summer heat.   Mine is.  Or your body may just be more relaxed with hammock and lemonade time.

But every farmer knows that the roots of seeds planted in the spring are working hard and growing deep during summer months.   The crops are growing tall with sun and rain.  In my area of MN there are farmers who are disheartened because rain and wet fields prevented their seed planting this year.  It made me wonder if my understanding of seeding is as deep and urgent.   It's easy to be ho hum about setting goals and developing visions.  But there is a Biblical statement that says, "Without a vision, people perish."

Undoubtedly you have planted some seeds with your pen, your spoken words, or quietly in your heart. Your visions are growing too.  As you declare them you seed them.  As you believe for them, they do grow.   They may be visions for yourself, personally or professionally.  They may be visions for your family, specifics of growing and thriving.  The Universal sun and your mind provide the energy of blessing as you wait expectantly.

The outcome of visions seeded can surprise, which is good and not just all right.  I have a one-degree theory.  Look just to the left or to the right of what you were "going for" and you may have found your surprise discovery.   Your goal will manifest in delightful ways…especially if you don't give up!

Keep watching!  Wait, hope, and stay expectant.   Visions are taking shape out of sight.

Harvest will come!

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