Thursday, April 11, 2013

High Notes

I am creating this page because I have to write. I love to write. Maybe you are here at the blog because sometime recently you tasted chocolate and felt my gentle nudge:) I am writing because it is helping me to focus on my goal to be more transparent with you about how I integrate creative thought into my every day life. I am sure it makes a difference in quality, fulfilled living.

I have had conversations with people recently who are in the midst of job changes. I have learned many things about life choices since I first realized that my spirit has always been creative, even before I realized it. It helps me say to self, and to those looking for their path, be watchful of yes and no. What do I mean?

Understanding and being able to list strengths and God gifts is a very important task. Everyone learns how to do many things, some very well. Sometimes these learnings are like red herrings and lead us on paths that are not fulfilling to ourselves or blessings to others. True gifts are those things that we love to do, do exceptionally well, maybe with small effort and great satisfaction.

Here's an example. I have learned to do accounting to keep track of business and to get ready for the tax accountant every year. I work very hard to accomplish this task well. I would probably never call it fun! It has always been a job that had to be done. My brother is an accountant and loves keeping track of things in little boxes. He does it exceptionally well. It happens in all families…you look around and wonder how you all have the same last name:)

This story is proof that I should never list the ability to combine data sequentially on a resume. But, thoughts and notes are different. Those I can list on a resume and must say yes about when opportunities occur in these venues. When I have said no it is about the setting and my heightened sensitivity.

Employment is not just about paying the bills. It is also about life purpose. People need to spend their days contributing to the good of the world with the gifts and talents they have been granted. So, reviewing gifts and strengths is a helpful task and not a waste of time. It does matter in the world of creative thought to use your God given passions and competencies to help steer your course.

What does it mean for me? Looking at my Pansy picture will affirm for you what gets me out of bed in the morning…color! Always the last thing I do and sometimes the first thing I do in any day is writing. My favorite bay window brings the environment to me, and this is always the site for breakfast and morning meditation. All of these realities have helped me find a way to promote my passions and skills for the benefit of Realtors who have chosen for their life work helping others buy or sell properties. Maybe they chose the positions or the positions chose them. That's how I feel. Making choices and guided.

I have said no to gigs for money that did not match my heart purpose. I have said no to opportunities that match what I have learned to do well with great work. But my greatest joy lately is enthusiastically saying yes to an opportunity I have shaped, with lots of help, to think color and design and catch the words that best describe properties. I can think about what kids need from the environment to live and learn at their highest and describe the opportunities that are close at hand.

The point is this…creative living means knowing when to say yes and when to say no and why.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Robin, Robin Redbreast

I've spotted you,
It must be spring.
Yet, snow and ice
Have a MN ring!

When it's cold
You disappear
So, your return
Says sun is near.

Circles of life
Go round and round.
Joy in all seasons
Can be found.

Build your nest,
Stay a while.
You give metaphor,
A creative smile.

Color At Last!