Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Planning for Christmas Eve Service

Nudging everyone in the initial announcement included my very strong belief that creative thought is about life and how we think every day!   My commitment is to give you examples in my daily world where creative skills are used and important to me.

It has been one week since our Creative Wonders blog launch.   Some might say that it is a good time to take a break before Christmas and write more after the holidays.   For a nanosecond I did think about that:)   But, then I remembered that I am getting ready for a Christmas Eve celebration and absolutely positively using creative thought for more purposes than just music, which on its own surely will be fun.   Ah, here we go.

The two words you will hear again regularly are divergent and convergent.   So, as I look at the parts of the planning, I look first at ways we took it apart (divergence) and then at decisions that were made and why (convergence).

It did help to know that our final test would be the hearts of the people who left the church on Christmas Eve.  Had we engaged them in the experience enough to be filled with the message as they headed home?

So, "take apart" meant meetings, including lots of ideas and people in the big picture.  Pastor Mike shared a theme, Come to the Stable, and I was filled with thoughts of a poem on the way home.  Graphic artist, Randy H. was recruited to make an entry banner (O Little Town of Bethlehem).  Many different possibilities for choices in music and musicians were explored by different people in the days ahead.  Decorations inside and outside of the church needed to be completed. Thinking about the needs and joy of the people who came really became an important variable in decision-making. 

The part that can seem like work and not fun in this action is that staying dispassionate is really very hard to do.  I had been invited to share my talents and participate in the process and felt welcomed.   Yet, my creative way of thinking does have some unfamiliar wrinkles to many people.  In the end I think we were able to work out differences, partly because our leader, Mike, was willing to hear input in choices and personal participation from everyone and use the guest criteria for final decisions.

It will be a multi-sensory experience in many ways.  There will be sights, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes.  There will be words, music sung and played on instruments, food, candles burning, people, shared beliefs, and moments of quiet meditation.

I am delighted by the creative process and know that the experience will be wonderful.


Come to the stable.
The Christ child is born.
We celebrate His new life
Each Christmas morn.

Come to the stable
Be filled with the light;
Radiate peace and joy,
Warm day and night.

Come to the stable
Gift neighbors the love
Sent on this wondrous night 
From God above.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

High Notes 12-12-12

High Notes
December 2012

Join me in celebration, welcoming the new blog site.

12-12-12 LAUNCH

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feisty Flower and Kittens Poem

Pocketsize Poem

 This poem reflects wonder and whimsy and will always be one of my favorites.  It captures the fullness of possibilities in life, as creativity lies just waiting to be gently awakened.  Everyone has a pocket of possibilities; everyone has an empowering hand.  The only thing needed is touch. 

What’s in your pocket?


Stories are pocketsize.
They appear magically before your eyes.

They can be short of long,
Develop in riddle, poetry, or song.

Stories share joy or sadness,
Frolic, folly, maybe even madness.

Reach in your pocket,
Let your hand slip deep

And you’ll be surprised
At the stories asleep,

Waiting to be roused,
Waiting to be told

As possibilities unlimited
Before you unfold.